Tavern, Get Your Tavern…Only $100k

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Wiltsey & Associates

You always wanted a bar. You just couldn’t figure out how to part with that $100,000 burning a hole in your pocket.

Well, here’s your chance….

Buy Starday Tavern, your very own watering hole in the “Heart of Foster.” (Seriously, though, shall we just call it the Foster District.) We mentioned it was for sale last week, but we thought we’d repost the business listing. (You know, since most of our readers are monied professionals with extra dough to spend.)

We don’t care what you do with it…even rename it “Bob and Alice’s.” Just don’t get rid of the live music—it’s a dwindling scene in Portland. There’s potential with this little spot, it just needs an owner willing to give it some extra love.

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