Get Sharp, Foster!

This piece comes from one of our readers (and now guest contributor), Emily Dart-McLean. It’s easy to get excited about new food, record stores, and the prospects of a movie theater. But what about the essentials? You know, basic stuff that’s not quite as sexy but equally as important. Emily shares an overview of a new shop on Foster that provides just that: basic but important. Here’s what she has to say… *******************************

GetSharpThere is a new shop coming to the Foster-Powell-52nd neck of the woods: A-Z Sharpening (Moldings and Tools), at 5136 SE Foster. Recently there has been a lot of exciting new energy and movement on the street—vintage shops popping up, the Portland Mercado, rumors of new apartments being built, and even the twinkling promise of future bagels. Before you get all “it’s just a sharpening and tool shop” on me, hold on to your yawns people! This building has sat vacant for the past (at least) year and half. One thing that echoes throughout a lot of conversations in the neighborhood lately is “how do we fill up some of the  vacant storefronts?” In recent conversations people have talked about the balance of maintaining  the essence, grit, specialness, and feel of Foster, yet at the same time being open to development and newness. With the exception of the lovely Foster Row, Tacos Chavez, and some new food carts, this part of Foster was starting to get inundated with marijuana dispensaries and 24-hour sex shops (is more than one needed on a block?.. is one needed on a block?). People have tools, right? People need to get tools sharpened from time to time, eh? Voila, a new service in your neighborhood that hopefully can come in handy. If you stop by the shop, or know more information about timelines, do report back. 

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4 Responses to Get Sharp, Foster!

  1. pdxnaturenut says:

    Interesting – sounds like a great addition to the hood. I wonder if they’ll be able to sharpen my reel mower. I haven’t found a new place since Al’s Mower closed.

  2. Shola says:

    Wonderful and insightful post! I love the Mercado!! Would love to see more from this writer.

  3. Jessyka says:

    Fantastic! A shop like this will bring people from other neighborhoods here to spend their money.

  4. 62ndgarden says:

    this neighborhood sculptor will be there with bells on🙂


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