97206 Still Rockin’ It

Well, we did it again. But I guess the secret’s well out at this point.

We'll just assume they mean 97206: Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, etc.

We’ll just assume they mean 97206: Foster-Powell, Mt. Scott-Arleta, etc.

Apparently homes in Foster-Powell are still selling like hot cakes. So much so that the area again ranks in the top five neighborhoods for homes sold in the last quarter. So says the Portland Business Journal, as they again rank neighborhoods in the metro region by number of home sales.

According to their ranking for the first three months of 2015, Foster-Powell ranks third with 170 homes sold, only behind a Beaverton/Aloha zip code and Forest Heights. We’ll go out on a limb and say that the PBJ actually is focusing on zip codes, and thus 97206 is rockin’ it, not just Foster-Powell. So with that, Mt. Scott-Arleta is represented as well.

So how shall we call FoPoMSA to be a tad more accurate and fully encompassing?

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6 Responses to 97206 Still Rockin’ It

  1. Spiffy says:

    so, we’re #1 in Portland, awesome!

  2. Jon says:

    Good luck trying to get that one to stick. Try FoPoMoSco.

    FoPoMoSco Fo’ Sho’ MoFo.

    Trademark, copyright, etc.

  3. Adam Herstein says:

    I helped contribute to 97206 home purchases!

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