Kaah Neighborhood Market Just Got Better

Call them little gains. You know, the things that might not be all too significant in and of themselves, but sorta make life a tad bit more complete.

That’s how we value convenience. And by convenience, I mean the ability to now get my beer and wine when I stop at Kaah Neighborhood Market for produce (and all the other stuff they now stock to make trips to Freddy’s increasingly less necessary. And for those that don’t know what a “Kaah” is, it’s the market inside the Portland Mercado.).

Hey, we were happy to just get some more fresh and organic produce options within walking distance. When they started stocking milk and eggs, too? Yikes, it was sort of a game changer. Mustard, ketchup. You get the point. But—now—beer!

Screen shot 2015-05-11 at 4.30.32 PM

One more step toward becoming a full-scale, neighborhood market


You can’t get beer and wine yet. But according to a recent liquor license application, it appears as if it’s in the works. And, voila, a real neighborhood market. The off-premises license would allow them, if granted, to sell sealed containers for consumption outside of their property. (No, not outside of the store. That’s what Barrio is for. But, you know…to go.)

Score one for the neighborhood. Keep doing your thing, Kaah.

* Oh, and if you’re wondering where to get your meats, look no further than the carniceria and chorizeria across the hall. 

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