Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Happy Friday. Happy May Day. Happy Weekend. 70’s and dry, that’s all I’m gonna say. Enjoy it, folks.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Don’t forget that the annual neighborhood cleanup is this Saturday. For those unfamiliar, this isn’t a do-good-clean-your-neighborhood kind of thing. It’s a fundraiser for the Mt. Scott-Arleta and Foster-Powell Neighborhood Associations. All you have to do is bring any junk you need to get rid of to Arleta School, where you can pay a reduced dump fee whilst helping your neighborhood. May 2, 9 am – 2:30 pm. There are some restrictions on what you can dump, so read this flier.

– One thing we know about the neighborhood is that it’s getting nicer and nicer; more amenities; more people walking Foster. Another thing that we’re realizing is that the secret’s out. Last week we landed on the Willy Week’s “best bar neighborhood” profile. And this week, our friends over at the Willamette Week pointed out that we just might be the neighborhood with the most bang for our buck in terms of close-in, affordable, bike-friendliness. In other words, when compared to other neighborhoods that are relatively close-in, we scored the highest in terms of affordability and commute times (to downtown) by bike. Sure, it’s not a perfect metric, but we’ll take the acknowldgement.

– Uh, $2.50 pints at the Cart Pod on Thursdays. It’s not a new thing, but certainly worth pointing out again. Can’t really beat that.

– If you haven’t been to the Portland Mercado yet, perhaps it’s time. The indoor/outdoor public market will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo this weekend with festivities on Saturday and Sunday; there will be continued celebration on Tuesday, May 5, as well. Lots of music and some food and drink specials. Check out it out.

– We mentioned this earlier in the week: apartments may be on their way to Foster. It’s hard to know what this will look like until plans are revealed, but the YMCA site at 60th and Foster is set to get rebuilt with the addition of multiple residential units. Let’s hope it’s done right and can add some vitality to Foster.

– As always, let us know what’s new in the ‘hood and what events we may have missed.

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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