Food trucks galore. A bit of beer. Perhaps, some nudity.

Foster went from no food carts to one food cart (El Sultan’s been holding it down at Carts on Foster before there was Carts on Foster), then one food cart to a food cart pod. That pod might as well have been no pod, because the turnover was too great and quality questionable. But then it turned the corner and really can’t be touched—cheap beer, rad breakfast, lunch and dinner options and, hello Big-Ass Sandwiches. Add eight carts up the street to anchor the Portland Mercado, and now we’re bookended by some of the best semi-mobile food in Portland.

But wait, there’s more. Even if just for the next few nights.

To piggy-back on the Craft Brewing Conference this week, a few more food trucks are coming to the neighborhood. Tonight will see Devils Point get into the action, with a food truck parked outside to compliment the Sixpoint Brewing tap-takeover inside.

And up the street at NWIPA, where there will be decidedly less nudity, Roman Candle Pizza will be slangin’ pizza. But they’re not a food cart. The food cart shows up on Friday, as Nong’s Khao Man Gai will be parked in front of the bottle shop serving up their now-famous chicken. Saturday brings us Kim Jong Grillin.’ How can you fux with that? You don’t even have to like beer…just get some good grub. 

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