The Next Big Thing Redux

“Remember the big boom in 2004 and 2005? Everyone was excited about Foster-Powell, Woodstock, and Cully. Then the market dropped. Now that it’s coming back, it’s Foster-Powell, Woodstock, and Cully. As if it’s a new thing.”
–Shannon Baird, Portland Monthly

Well, here we are again, pegged as up-and-coming by Portland Monthly. I guess it’s good that way: perpetually on the rise. And we know that when they say Foster-Powell, you can assume they also mean Mt. Scott-Arleta, which makes Foster right in the thick of it.

IMG_1370But what’s different this time is that the area is actually seeing the positive changes folks have long expected (hint: new businesses, beautification, a community garden). And we’re getting our proper dues, too. Just think: the Willamette Week and Portland Mercury often give us a shout in their bar, cheap eats, and, ahem, strip club guides (you always make us proud, Devil’s Point); the Portland Business Journal has noticed the rapid pace of housing-inventory turnover in the 97206;  the Portland Mercado has been getting heavy play in local media; the Foster Streetscape Plan has city council support and funding. Even Santacon came to Foster this year  (that’s what sealed the deal in my mind)!

What’s not to like? (Wait, don’t answer that. I already know the answer: tweakers, bike thieves, and one too many chop shops.)

To get a detailed glimpse of the neighborhood, both Foster-Powell and Mt. Scott-Arleta, check out this month’s Portland Monthly, in which they break it all down into numbers: crime rate, home values, walk scores, etc.

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