Portland Mercado Has Its “Soft” Opening

So, this happened…






Eight food carts, ranging from regional Mexican fare to Columbian and Cuban.






Indoor neighborhood market with organic (and non) produce, tortillas, spices and cheese.






Café-to-be, as well. And in the works: deserts and juices, a carniceria, and a bar with beer and wine from Latin America.

Grand opening is April 11. Be there. Or if the anticipated hundreds (possibly thousands–yeah, thousands) are too much to compete with, and you just hate live music and revelry, find your way down there some other time. But definitely find your way down there.

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2 Responses to Portland Mercado Has Its “Soft” Opening

  1. porksy says:

    The food was delicious and fresh. The produce was well presented with lots of variety. Can’t wait to try the atole de nuez when the cafe opens. Will definitely return when in town again.

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