Catching Up: What’s New?

We knew we’d be a bit fewer and farther between posts as we figure out this parenting thing. And sure enough, posting these days is proving a tad difficult. Not impossible, though. So bear with us…we’ll just be jamming more material into fewer posts over the coming weeks.

MercadoHere’s our attempt to get folks up to speed on goings-on in the ‘hood. And as always, leave comments to add anything we missed.

– First up: The Portland Mercado opens in just over two weeks. While the Grand Opening is set for April 11, doors will actually open to the public on April 1. The Mercado will not only fill a food/grocery/cultural/third-space void in the neighborhood, but it should be a catalyst for more growth and improvement of Foster Road.

Velvet Goldmine– Also opening at the beginning of April is the Velvet Goldmine. The retail space sandwiched between Nayar Taqueria and Meticon Bikes will specialize in vintage and handmade clothing, adding that much more flare to this burgeoning stretch of Foster. And if nothing else, the paint job is pretty rad and a nice improvement in itself.

Foster Buds– Speaking of openings, we can now (sadly) say the Smokey’s era is officially over. Sure, the triangular dive (that was more known for being the bar near Slingshot and across the street from the Gun Room) has been closed for months now. But its replacement is now solidly open. I guess the only real difference is that we’re swapping bad beer with pot. Hello, Foster Buds.

Phoenix Pharmacy– The folks behind the Foster Window Project have put finishing touches on their work at the Phoenix Pharmacy Building. Buck’s trash barrels have been given new life with plants; the mural’s been dedicated with all sponsors acknowledged; and clearly less debris that once gave the entrance a barricaded look. If only we could now get someone to buy the building before it falls apart behind the facelift.

Da Hui– For any of you who once feared going into Da Hui, 1) you’re a wuss (kidding, we’re not that insensitive), and 2) you no longer have to worry about the riff raff. In regards to the latter point, you just won’t have to worry about the riff raff who wear “affiliated colors or patches”—we can’t guarantee colorless and patchless riff raff won’t still be there (but we kinda hope they will be…it wouldn’t be the same otherwise).

One more thing: Foster is on the verge of something great. Small businesses keep sprouting up; investments are being made; there’s good local energy to go along with the decidedly up-and-coming-but-still-grimey, DIY ethos that exists in this part of Southeast. Make sure you support what we have. Go see music at Starday Tavern; check out the food carts; get your bike fixed at Meticon; buy a board game from Red Castle or record from Green Noise; get your coffee from Pieper Cafe and produce from Portland Fruit Company; stroll up and down the street to find the little gems you didn’t know existed.
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5 Responses to Catching Up: What’s New?

  1. Spiffy says:

    gang color restrictions are lame… they’re essentially saying you can’t enter the bar if you’re wearing red, blue, or green, or have a black shirt on with blue jeans… or you’re wearing the Hawaiian flag colors… or you’re wearing a Charlie Brown shirt… I bet you could walk in there any day and see people wearing those banned colors… probably even the bartender…

    whatever happened to just asking rowdy people to leave? as long as you don’t give them any reason they’re not gonna sue you…

  2. Jed says:

    What’s going on at Tango Berretin?

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