FoPo’s Newest Recording Studio and Record Label to Make Wikman Building Home

IMG_2191Ok, we already knew Foster had an active (though, sorely underrated) music scene. It would be rare to find Starday Tavern without someone performing any given night, and between O’Malley’s, Gemini Lounge, and (at one time) Torta-landia, you’ll usually get at least another performance (or two) on Friday and/or Saturday nights, as well. Even Bar Carlo and NWIPA get into the action on occasion. Oh, and SMART Collective skate shop also bills itself as an all-ages music venue, too.

And then there’s The Bob White Theatre. While it may not be a model of consistency, and still holds more hope and promise than realized potential, live music does grace its stage.

IMG_4353And more recently, Green Noise Records set up shop on Foster, thus giving us a record store and making the neighborhood home to its Dirtnap Records music label.

That’s just the backdrop for a lively music scene on Foster. We also have a fiddle-playing chicken that posts up at Holgate and Foster during rush hour; karaoke at Da Hui and FoPo Tavern; and the occasional appearance of the Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers outside of O’Malley’s.

wikman_building_photoEnter The Hallowed Halls, Foster-Powell’s next recording studio, and the name behind the Wikman Building’s hopeful revival. Once a library, and most recently the office for the County’s Department of Community Justice, the Wikman Building has sat vacant since 2011 and was recently sold-off as surplus property. The Wikman was purchased last summer by developers who wanted to retain the unique character of the site, and it appears as if they have their first tenants: the team behind Hallowed Halls. The historic building will now soon be home to a recording studio and eventual record label, which just might solidify the neighborhood’s place in the local music scene.

Welcome, Hallowed Halls. We’ll look forward to updates, as well as info on the new record label.

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