Happy Weekend, Foster People

Another Friday, another weekend post. Not sure how many more of these we have left in the tank, as we (I….well, the wife and I) just brought a new, little Foster-ite into the world. (How long before we allow—ok, encourage—her getting that “Foster 97206” tattoo remains to be seen.) In any event, parenthood is taxing. And, I might add, way more fun than dribbling on and on about Foster on the internet. A slow-down is in order, though we’ll try to keep it alive in some fashion (read: less frequent, so don’t abandon us altogether…at least not yet).

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– We know O’Malley’s fits the bill of an Irish pub mostly in name only. But you can get a pint of Guinness whenever you want, and The Chieftains do actually play on the juke box from time to time. And they always celebrate St. Paddy’s Day. So if you’re looking for somewhere local to go on the 17th, that’s your spot.

– The former Renaissance Guitars retail space is set to become Velvet Goldmine, a soon-to-be handmade and vintage clothing store. And as a reader pointed out, they’ll be joining SMART Collective (down the street) as one of two retail spaces that will sell clothing (though much different) within the general “Heart of Foster” area. That’s great for the once-reluctant pedestrian on Foster. Now that people venture to the commercial district for more than just booze and auto-detailing, adding more retail options just increases the flow. Keep it coming…and good luck, Velvet Goldmine.

– You know those dirt-bike riders that make our alleyways an urban obstacle course every year, usually around Easter? Well, apparently they’re getting too big for their britches. Infighting, discord, leadership changes, and all. Even the Oregonian has picked up on the event that may or may not happen this year. But if it does, don’t be alarmed by the vrooming and buzzing you hear behind your house on April 18.

– Our local bar scene makes another Portland Mercury list, this time in its Happy Hour Guide. That’s the good news. The bad news is that we struck out in the “High-Class Happy Hours” and the “Fancy Happy Hours” categories. Rather, our very own Devil’s Point eeked out an entry in the “Wonderfully Trashy Happy Hours” category. Actually, now that I think about it, that’s way more fitting for Foster. And just where I like us to be. Though, maybe one day we’ll land in one of the other tiers, too. Balance is always good, yeah?

– Linda Austin is at it again, and you can catch her performance, (Un)Made Solo Relay, this Saturday at Performance Works NW. Here’s the description:
      “A new multi-layered solo by LINDA AUSTIN is remembered/mis-remembered by eight other dancers performing their own perfectly imperfect versions in a pass-along relay—the first stage of Austin’s long term project (UN)MADE, a vehicle for the making, unmaking, transforming, transmitting, and distilling of performance and the performative self.
    “At once experiential inquiry and staged performance, (UN)MADE unfolds over the next 2-3 years in three stages: a pass-along solo for 8-10 performers; a group score for up to 40 trained or untrained performers that can be learned, adapted, practiced, and performed over the course of a week; and, finally, a fully-designed and staged dance that draws on material and methods generated over the previous 2 versions.

– Prepare yourself: The Portland Mercado is nearing its grand opening. Mark your calendars for April 11.

Enjoy the weekend, all. Be cool.

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8 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People

  1. Jon says:


  2. Diana Kirk says:

    Somebody told me you could use some help on this here blog. I’m a writer. Have some published shorts out there floating around. I’m snarky. Have three kids, run a few businesses from my ipad and bed home office. Met folks at Pieper Cafe while rehabbing a 4 plex in the hood. Live in da hood. I’m really into street art. Want to see more on Foster. Lemme know if you need help or are interested in a part-time overpaid underworked business woman that rides a 1955 Schwinn cruiser with a kick pack two speed.

  3. Tony Lynott says:

    Whoa there Bessie…let’s re-think that tattoo idea………….

  4. Sarah says:

    Huge congrats!! Saw you guys at the park the other day but didn’t want to come near for fear of spreading the gross kindergartner germs we’re constantly incubating.

  5. Anti-m says:

    Congratulations, you guys!


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