Handmade and Vintage Clothing to Join Current Lineup of Tacos, Bikes, and Records

IMG_0334Well, it didn’t take long to fill the former Renaissance Guitars storefront. (We didn’t think it would, as that stretch of storefronts has definitely upped its profile over the last several months—new tenants, facade upgrades, etc.)

Now coming to the commercial stretch that includes Meticon IMG_0333Bikes, Nayar Taqueria, Green Noise Records, and Mike’s (?) Antiques: Velvet Goldmine.

The new storefront will be home base for the owner’s line of handmade and vintage clothing. While we’ll miss the guitar store that occupied the space before, it’ll be nice to have a continued retail presence in that location. And with the addition of vintage and handmade clothes, that’s one less reason you have to venture outside the neighborhood for new (old) apparel.



* As a side note, we don’t know if the new space was inspired by the movie of the same name depicting a 70’s-era glam rocker. If, indeed, it was part of the inspiration, we’ll just go ahead and categorize this as a pretty rad addition to the neighborhood.

We ran into the owner the other day, and she was already adding her touch to the interior. No word yet on opening IMG_0348date, but it appears to be on the fast track. For now, check out the Velvet Goldmine Shop on Etsy.

Also, on a related note, the last space in the same row of storefronts appears to be getting fixed up. (And to be fair, being fixed up is a stretch; it’s becoming less dilapidated.) Who knows IMG_0335if it could ever meet code and become another storefront, but, at the least, the improvement of this commercial stretch continues.

And that’s encouraging. (Though, we won’t hold our breath on this building quite yet.)

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6 Responses to Handmade and Vintage Clothing to Join Current Lineup of Tacos, Bikes, and Records

  1. allanamaria says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Jeff! Yes, you are correct- the shop name was inspired by the movie, Velevt Goldmine, which in turn was inspired by the song by David Bowie. I’m a big fan of the short lived glam rock era, full of knee high platform boots, sequins and camp. The shop should be opening around April 1.

  2. Veener says:

    Exciting! Also, you can buy clothes (shoes, socks, pants, shirts) at the Smart Collective skate shop, fyi.

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