Wait, Speedboat for Sale After All?

Screen shot 2015-02-18 at 9.52.13 PMWe didn’t want to make the same mistake twice. And because we got so much flak for it the first time, we almost didn’t believe it.

But according to RE/MAX Equity Group, Speedboat is back on the market. And by back, we mean, well, maybe they were before—maybe they weren’t—but they definitely are now. (The listing actually says it’s been on the market for 94 days—nearly three months—just about the same time we posted this to correct ourselves the first time. Hmmm?)

In any event, this time we checked. And, indeed, the owner has confirmed the listing.

So, sorry for teasing you all before. But bidding now appears to be open again.

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3 Responses to Wait, Speedboat for Sale After All?

  1. Spiffy says:

    I think you were right all along that it was actually for sale the first time you posted the article (the article is no longer available)

    11/17 – today minus 94 days, this is when ReMax says it was supposedly listed
    12/10 – listed for sale @ $85,000 (Merritt Realty Group)
    12/11 – first article about it being for sale on fosterpowellpdx.com
    12/13 – listed for sale @ $85,000 (Zillow)
    12/16 – listing removed (Zillow)
    12/16 – article about it not being for sale on fosterpowellpdx.com
    01/31 – price dropped to $70,000 (Merritt Realty Group)
    02/03 – price raised to $80,000 (Merritt Realty Group)

    also, it’s only the business that’s for sale and not the building… that lot is shared with the Auto Pros repair shop on 52nd and is assessed at over $150,000…

    so you’re just buying the Speedboat name and assets…

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