Foster Real Estate: Get It While It’s Hot

Last time we did this we got in trouble. Well, not in trouble. But we quickly learned the error of our ways, as we took an online real estate listing as truth and mistakenly put Screen shot 2015-02-05 at 7.12.51 AMSpeedboat Coffee on the market when in fact they weren’t. Oops!

One thing we didn’t learn from that lesson, however, was to first do some fact-checking. We were too lazy then, and we’re too lazy now. So take this with a grain of salt:

Spot 79, Shimmers, the new Agnostic Church, and a few other (ahem) gems are for sale. Well, the businesses themselves aren’t for sale, but their buildings are, as is the large parking lot in the rear.

What does this mean? The listing suggests it’s a development opportunity, but we shall see. Maybe it’s just ownership changing hands. Maybe development really is to be had. There is this, though:
       Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 5.25.06 PM“Liberal zoning allows for retail, office, residential, and schools.”

Wait, schools? Hahahahahaha…..


Retail, sure. Office, maybe. Residential would be rad. But schools?

Alright Foster people, here’s your latest investment opportunity. Go get ’em.

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6 Responses to Foster Real Estate: Get It While It’s Hot

  1. Anti-m says:

    Listed as a “Strip Center.” LOL.

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  3. chris says:

    my realtors website still shows speedboat as for sale! price increased $10,000 in the last 14 days. is it or isnt it? say it aint so!

  4. Just got word from the owner, apparently it is….

  5. Spiffy says:

    shoot-out with police started at Shimmer’s last night… ended in suicidal perp… keep it classy, Foster…


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