Midpoint Gets Walkup Window, Will Add More Outdoor Seating

With a bus stop just feet away and a new north/south bike route ushering bikers along SE 52nd, Midpoint Food and Drink is making the most out of their busy location between Foster and Powell. Within the next couple weeks, newly-installed windows on the Screen shot 2015-02-08 at 8.34.59 PMbuilding’s west-facing side will be serving up breakfast items for those on the go—perhaps as they wait for their bus or while on their bike commute.

But not just for those on the go.

The new window will make ordering your food-to-go easier, sure. But the area along the west-facing wall will also soon make way for picnic benches and a new outdoor dining area. Think ‘Waffle Window’ meets ‘street seats’ meets funky sidewalk patio, but with a uniquely FoPo vibe. And yes, on SE 52nd, so you get a view of the 14 bus-line, the IMG_0013neighborhood liquor store, and the poor saps who thought Subway Sandwiches (down the street) would be a better option than Midpoint. Like I said, uniquely FoPo.

Kudos to the owners for expanding business, getting creative, and bringing more life and vibrancy to the street. And if you don’t know, they serve up some good eats.

#ChilaquilesMakeMeGoMmmm #WhereElseCanYouGetBombMeatloaf

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5 Responses to Midpoint Gets Walkup Window, Will Add More Outdoor Seating

  1. Spiffy says:

    nearby bike parking would also be nice…

  2. Alex Reed says:

    Related only because it’s right in front of Midpoint on 52nd: the City finally fixed the giant wheel-eating holes in the pavement that the green bike-lane paint went right over! Yay!

  3. Lynne C says:

    This is such great news and seems like a good business decision too.
    Thanks for the creativity, Midpoint!

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