Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Back at it like a crack addict. For the romantics out there, we have just over a week until Valentine’s Day. And aren’t you in luck…Foster is the most romantic place in Portland. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– The first installment of the Foster Window Project went up last weekend. And in the process, the Phoenix Pharmacy took one step out of the grave. Hopefully, now, its owner will fully resuscitate it…though, we hear the asking price is still pretty high.

– By this time next month—hopefully—Big-Ass Sandwiches will be calling Foster home. The might-as-well-be-famous sandwich makers are bringing their talents to Carts on Foster as soon as they get moving expenses covered and ditch their old spot. You can read more about that: here.

– We mentioned this earlier in the week, but it looks like Renaissance Guitars will be moving within the next week. They definitely helped add some flavor to the blossoming stretch of storefronts (near 60th and Foster), so we wish them luck as they move to greener pastures. WolfRabbit-GrandOpening-Poster

– Wolf + Rabbit Emporium will be celebrating its grand opening next weekend, which coincides with the one year anniversary of Foster Row. Wolf + Rabbit, and the larger Foster Row space, will be hosting a night of music, art, dance, open-house, and libations. If you don’t know about this space, you need to check them out. For real. Even the Merc got in on the love.

– The Portland Mercado is inching closer to its spring opening, and the list of confirmed tenants is growing. Check out the list of businesses that will soon make Foster home: here.

– Yo, what the hell? A westside Fred Meyer is getting a $30 million facelift, and we have to suffer from rotting produce, tweakers, and a jumbled mess of a parking lot that usually has shotty, seemingly broken-down semi-truck trailers blocking several parking spaces and said tweakers endlessly scurrying about. Sheesh!

– Weekend entertainment:
Starday Tavern– The Quags and David Stoops 6pm, Keith Scott Blues Duo 9pm, Friday; The Golden Sunbirds, Saturday
Gemini Lounge– DJ Encrypted, Saturday
Bar Carlo– Walking Dead returns to Bar Carlo this Sunday

Enjoy the weekend, y’all. Be cool, be safe.

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