In With the New, Out With the Old

Well, Renaissance Guitars isn’t exactly old, and Big Ass Sandwiches isn’t exactly new. But one will be leaving Foster for greener pastures, while the other will soon be experiencing the good life in outer Southeast.

IMG_4325Renaissance Guitars recently announced they’ll be moving to a new location (at 2045 SE Ankeny) by the middle of the month. In their absence, they’ll be leaving what’s become a fairly vibrant and diverse stretch of storefronts—Nayar Taqueria, Meticon Bikes, and Green Noise Records combine with the old antique store to round out the remaining spaces. It shouldn’t be long before the soon-to-be vacated space gets snatched up.

Meanwhile, a little further down the road, Big Ass Sandwiches has a new home. Sort of—they have a prospective home. Carts on Foster will soon be the benefactor of continued displacement (read: higher-end development pushing out mom-and-pop businesses) in inner NE and SE, as Big Ass Sandwiches needs a new location after getting their moving papers. In bringing their sandwiches to the Foster cart pod, they’ll be solidifying Carts on Foster’s place in the pod world: good food options (Angry Unicorn and The Egg Carton can do battle with any cart in the city), covered space, beer, and situated on a newly-constructed bikeway.

The only hitch? They need help with moving costs. Check out their website if you want to get in on their raffle, which will help raise money for their move and lead to some sweet prizes.

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4 Responses to In With the New, Out With the Old

  1. porksy says:

    Love the picture of the folks in the background!

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