Foster as Mural-Town

IMG_0842I must say, I’m going to miss some of the grime that the Phoenix Pharmacy so effortlessly exudes (though, there’s plenty yet to go around). But the tradeoff for improved neighborhood aesthetics is worth it. And that’s what we’re getting—this time next week, the Happy Valley expressway, er, Foster Freeway, will have a new greeting for the commuters driving in and out of the neighborhood (and you locals, too): a wrap-around mural, blanketing the lower level of the Phoenix Pharmacy.

As you’ve seen/read/heard, the Foster Window Project has taken community feedback, sketched out a few designs, opened the polls for voting, and held a painting party to address some of the blight that peppers our burgeoning little commercial district. In IMG_4731doing so, the profile of the Phoenix Pharmacy will be enhanced, thus attracting potential investors who may breathe some life back into the building.

The panels that were painted nearly two weeks ago are set to go up over the weekend. And as we’ve seen at Paldo Market, Tango Berratin, Nayar Taqueria and the Portland Mercado, a little paint goes a long way. And with all the murals—there’ll be one painted on the outside of the Mercado, too—Foster has become quite the scene for visual art. (Remember, we also have murals on the east-facing wall of Bar Carlo, as well as covering the Euro Classic Furniture building.) And the Phoenix Pharmacy is not the last endeavor of the Foster Window Project. The folks behind the project have their sights set on another building further west on Foster, and the impact should be just as great.

* If you want to get more involved with the Foster Window Project, check out their website and get on their mailing list. Fun times await.

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