The Mercado Colors Up For Spring

IMG_4845Spring may beckon, but not just because the sun is threatening to do away with winter early. Rather, it is the Portland Mercado that is inching ever closer to its spring opening, making the season’s change much more real. And the evidence is clear.

Yes, that brightly-colored, tiered and boxy arrangement of buildings at SE 72nd and Foster—more resembling a stack of shipping containers than what was once a car dealership–is nearing the point of being habitable. Sure, there’s still work to be done. And at this point it still IMG_4848looks like a mess of a construction zone. But not for long.

Spring is near, and so is the Mercado.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

A parking lot was depaved, repaved, and made room for future landscaping; the former Metro Auto Wholesale building was gutted, rehabbed, and remodeled; color was added, and lots of it; financing has been secured; tenants have been found, with more to come; and the story gets told all over Portland—Foster will be the site of Portland’s first Latin-themed,  pIMG_4842ermanent public market.

And with this, voila, a neighborhood is transformed. (And the transformation may be more than we’ll see on Foster until PBOT, well, you know, gets around to that Streetscape thingy.) So enjoy it folks…it’s soon to be a fixture.

In addition to prepared foods, indoor and outdoor vending and dining space, a commissary kitchen, public plaza, and new mural, we also know who a few of our new neighbors will be: Kaah Neighborhood MarketBarrio Bottle Shop, and Tierra del Sol.

The Mercado is positioning itself to be a hub of the community. And we can’t wait. Spring can’t come soon enough.

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6 Responses to The Mercado Colors Up For Spring

  1. Portland Mercado is probably the best thing to happen to the Foster Road corridor in years. Warmest of welcomes to our neighborhood!

  2. Spiffy says:

    first latin-themed market? why doesn’t Tienda El Campesino (65th/Powell) count? not large enough? that’s where I go to get my Mexican Coke…

    • Not the first Latin-themed market….first latin-themed “public” market. Think Tienda El Campesino meets food cart pod meets farmers market. Tienda El Campesino is a nice little store, but the Mercado will have several different businesses encompassed in the market…all with indoor and outdoor gathering space.

      • Spiffy says:

        “several different businesses encompassed in the market”

        oh! that’s news to me… didn’t realize it would be a classic marketplace and not a usual store…

  3. melcubed says:

    Whats the word on Winley?! I spoke with some of the construction crew back in October and they said Christmas at the latest…

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