Geek Ballads Coming to Red Castle

Remember when Red Castle was just a game store? I know, it was brief, but once upon a time it was a simple little shop with games (duh)—games you could play in-house with other, ahem, nerds.

And we say ‘nerd’ in a very endearing way. And grateful, too. Because if it weren’t for the nerds, the ‘Heart of Foster’ may still just be Bar Carlo and some assortment of auto shops and other unsavory establishments. (Note: we like unsavory, but we like balance, too. For example, auto shops and dive bars are much more tolerable when they’re surrounded by theaters, cafes and bottle shops, not private pot clubs and a poker room.)  And if it weren’t for the loyal following at Red Castle, they wouldn’t have expanded. And they certainly wouldn’t have wetted our appetite with proclamations of a cafe-to-be, fully intact with panini machine and doughnut robot (I don’t even know what that is, but it’ll be rad, I’m sure).

double-clicksBut now, amidst a remodel and expansion and rumors of late-night coffee and DIY doughnuts, they’re adding live music….

At least for a day, they are. Well, a couple hours maybe.

Enter The Doubleclicks, Portland’s own musical duo who sing ballads both “snarky, geeky and sweet.” And they really are geeky, and proud of it. While making use of the mandolin, guitar and cello, they cover the following in their songs, as described on their website: Wonder Woman, an ode to prehistoric reptiles, a love song about a burrito, and at least 5 minutes worth of music about staying home to binge-watch Netflix with your cat.”

The duo will be playing at Red Castle this Sunday, January 25, at 2pm, and it will be a family-friendly affair. Tickets go for $10 (including a $5 gift card to the store), or $20 (including a $10 gift card) for the whole family. You can read more about the Doubleclicks and this event on Oregonlive.

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One Response to Geek Ballads Coming to Red Castle

  1. Spiffy says:

    sweet, I’ve been wanting to see them for a while…

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