Get Your Neighborhood-Involvement On

The Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meets today. Go. Mostly because you don’t have anything better to do on a Monday night (well, that is, if you’re not watching the Oregon game…which I assume many are), but also because there’s some rad stuff happening in the neighborhood…and this is where you might get involved with some of it.

Oh, and there’s burgers. And cock shakes. That’s the other reason. Meetings are now being held at Foster Burger, and you can pair your second-Monday-monthly meetings with all kinds of tasty, fatty goodness.

But there’s more. You’ve all been waiting for the Phoenix Pharmacy to be sold and renovated. That’s not happening. But it is getting a facelift of sorts. And maybe by that we can pretend that it’s not really deteriorating before our eyes. Alas, it is, but at least it’ll go out in style if its owner allows it to fall further into disrepair.

But maybe….maybe it won’t. Consider this its lifeline; its saving grace. It’s gonna get sexied up, and you get to help. The Foster Window Project marches forward this Thursday night for an evening of painting, friend-making, and a step toward some serious grassroots, community-based neighborhood improvements (read: we’re doing it ourselves until the city takes care of the Streetscape that’s been promised).

Ain’t nothing but a painting party, party, party (in Tupac voice)…

Help paint the mural-to-be for the first Foster Window Project building. This Thursday, from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Performance Works NW.

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