Seen In FoPo

We know the voting process is over and the Phoenix Pharmacy will be getting a new mural. But we can’t help but to still be amused by some of the suggestions people offered for its facelift and improved look.

Some of our favorites:

IMG_4535– “Poop”
– “Another Skate Shop” (why not…we have several tire shops and e-cigarette stores)
– “A depiction of Buck selling this space—we can always hope” (presumably in reference to the owner, well, selling the decaying building)
– “Giant condo building”
– “Abortion clinic”
– “A drawing of the god Oden” (Odin?)
– “Breakbeat danceclub” (yes, please!)
– “No more rapeing” (yes, with an ‘e’)
– “Baby Dolls” (kinda scary)
– “Less Buck” (do we sense a theme?)
– “Hallmark Gift Shop”
– Something similar to the Tango Berratin mural
– And, one more time for shits and giggles: “Poop”

After reading these, I’d like to see a permanent chalk/comment board somewhere on Foster. There are certainly harder ways to get a laugh.

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3 Responses to Seen In FoPo

  1. Spiffy says:

    Baby Dolls, hehe, I was with the person when they wrote that on there…

  2. I almost listed “weird dolls.” It was a toss-up.


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