Here’s Your Weekend, Foster People!

Only one more Friday left in 2014 after today. That means it’s been 15 years since the Y2K  hype. And 25 years since ‘New Kids on the Block’ put out some of my favorite jams. Crazy. Enjoy the weekend, all, and what’s left of 2014.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Santa visited Foster last weekend. A lot of Santas. Chuck Palahniuk would have been proud. Check it out.

– We’ve heard about a planned wine/beer bottle shop at the Portland Mercado, and we already know there will be a bunch of good food, but did you know we might have produce and groceries? Kaah Neighborhood Market is currently seeking financing to solidify its place in the Mercado, where its owner hopes to sell “local and tropical produce and grocery products.” Rad. Raaaddd….

– And also coming to Foster: Bagels. We mentioned on Wednesday that Henry Higgins Boiled Bagels will be soon occupying the last storefront in Red Castle Plaza, and Eater Pdx went further with a confirmation and writeup on Thursday. In addition to their bagels, expect space for seating inside, local art, coffee, and outdoor seating as well.

– With all the excitement of a new place to eat and hang on Foster, let’s not forget some of our current favorite morning-coffee-and-breakfast spots: Pieper Cafe and Speedboat Coffee. It looks like that scene might get a little more crowded, so show ’em some love.

– If you haven’t found an excuse to visit Red Castle yet, maybe this Saturday’s D&D Expedition is it. Noon. Bring your Adventurer League sheet and characters.

– Special plug for S.M.A.R.T. Collective, who graciously endured an impromptu Santa-boom-box-dance-party Saturday night. Also, they do good work…not just selling skateboards and apparel, but being a source for community kids to find some belonging. They have a free show on Friday (tonight), dubbed “Excellent Friday Show!” Check ’em out, starting at 5:30.

– Don’t forget to vote for your favorite “Phoenix Pharmacy Mural” design. Vote here.

– Live music for the weekend:
SMART Collective- Saola, Panorama, Dad Rock, and New Social Outcasts
Torta-landia- Twitch Silverback, Friday; David Kelley, Saturday
Gemini Lounge- Finn Doxie, Friday; Amber Harlan Granmo Jazz Trio, Saturday
Starday Tavern- David Stoops, Welfare State and Space Leech, Friday; The Quags, Saturday

Enjoy the weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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