Here’s Your Weekend, Foster People!

Less than two weeks ’til Christmas, and there are a lot of things Foster can put on its wish list. If we recall correctly, you all voted for “another restaurant” as the desired someday-addition to the strip. We’ll go on record and say there might also be a few things we wish we didn’t have on Foster (but that’s another post altogether). Have a good weekend, y’all.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Foster may get another spot for wine and beer. Not that we need one, but it’s news all the same. One of the possible additions to the eventual Portland Mercado is a beer and wine bottle shop, dubbed “BarRio.” We won’t judge on the merits of the business itself, as we’re sure it’ll be a nice complement to the Latin-themed market, but the term “BarRio,” as clever as it may be, seems a tad culturally appropriating—the owners certainly don’t appear to be from the ‘barrio.’ But again, who are we to judge. In any event, the development of the Mercado is exciting, and new and varied businesses/food/drink offerings is almost always a good thing on Foster. If you want to support BarRio’s cause, check out their Kiva Zip page.

– ‘Carts on Foster’ continues to evolve. Enter Backstory Books, Foster’s newest cart and used bookstore. Show ’em some love…oh, and point them to any vacant storefronts you know of as they consider growing into a larger space.

– One of FoPo’s own, Cat Davila, who we profiled here several months ago, has made a mark on Portland’s expanding sharing economy. To go along with the number of tool libraries, kitchen libraries and swap shops throughout Portland, PDX Toy Library can be added to the list of places to get free ‘stuff.’ Yes, for all you parents out there, you will now be able to borrow toys for your little one instead of investing half a fortune to keep them entertained. Cheers to Cat and the PDX Toy Library.

– The Foster Window Project unveiled their three design ideas for the Phoenix Pharmacy. Only one will actually be installed in the criminally neglected building, however. So get your vote on…and even get your paint on if you’re so inclined. Voting closes on January 1, with a paint party following on January 15.

– Live music and happenings for the weekend:
Bob White- Toyz N Da Hood (concert and holiday toy drive), Friday at 7 pm
Torta- Steve Cheseborough, Friday; Rogue Bluegrass, Saturday
Starday Tavern- The HoneyCuts, Friday; Jake Ray and the Relative Minors, Saturday
N.W.I.P.A.- Special Slideshow (Toad Tales), Saturday; Holiday Edition Wine Class, Sunday
Gemini Lounge- ABC DJ’s, Saturday

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool, be safe.

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2 Responses to Here’s Your Weekend, Foster People!

  1. MeghanH says:

    Thanks for pulling this together every week! I don’t have time to hit all of it, but try to do SOMETHING on this list.

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