Phoenix Pharmacy to Get Facelift; You Get to Help

Thanks to the amazing folks behind the Foster Window Project, a.k.a. the amazing folks behind the Foster-Powell Community Garden, a few buildings on Foster will be getting a much needed facelift. With some grant money to play with, and a desire to bring life to some of our left-for-dead commercial buildings, Vicki and John Wilson are organizing an effort to add art installations along Foster Road with the hope of sprucing up the corridor. A secondary benefit will be the notice of passersby who may find interest in some of these spaces, potentially spurring future investment.

IMG_0842First up on the list is the Phoenix Pharmacy.

We won’t get into how beautiful this building can be or how sad it is to see it left to decay or….you get the point. But come the end of January, as per the project’s timeline, the old drug store and historic brick building will get a facelift. And you get to help.

The project’s organizers have already solicited community feedback on mural ideas—the boarded, lower level of the building is the target site—and are now sketching ideas to reflect common suggested themes. They’ll be presenting three design ideas at Monday’s Foster-Powell Neighborhood Association meeting, at which point you all get a say in which plan is selected. In mid-January, then, Performance Works NW will host a painting party to complete the art work. Installation would conceivably take place the last two weeks of January.

For more information, check out the Foster Window Project website. And if you’d like to participate in the process, the FoPo NA meets this coming Monday, 12/8, at 6:30 in Bar Carlo.

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