Keep Your Money in the ‘Hood

It almost feels like Friday’s shopping is more important that Thursday’s eating and giving thanks. I mean, it’s our duty to pull businesses out of the red and into the black, right? So why not follow up a day of excessive eating with a day of excessive and compulsive shopping.

I call BS on that.

But. Buuutttt…if you must. At least do it locally.

For those in search of retail options in the ‘hood, here’s our obligatory plug of neighborhood retail businesses (below). Feel free to share thoughts on the options, as well as add to the list. (We’re bound to overlook a few. Some, maybe, intentionally.)

Red Castle Games (6406 SE Foster) board games, role playing games, nerdery, awesomeness
Green Noise Records (5857 SE Foster) music. plus it’s a record store…you do want your kids to know what record stores are, don’t you? support ’em
Renaissance Guitars (5923 SE Foster) guitars, amps, and other stringed instruments
N.W.I.P.A. (6350 SE Foster) beer. beer! also, gift certificates and a few assorted shirts
Above the Rest Homebrewing (7979 SE Foster) yeah, beer! get the goods to make it yourself
Pieper Cafe (6504 SE Foster) gift certificates for your loved one’s neighborhood coffee shop
Save Stores (6701 SE Foster) vacuum cleaners and sewing machines
Buck’s Stove Palace (6803 SE Foster) any kind of stove you may need to heat the house. also, help this guy retire so he’s more inclined to sell the Phoenix Pharmacy
Artistic Taxidermy (5700 SE Foster) “get your prized moose head stuffed on Foster” (sounds like a good tee-shirt slogan…or something altogether different and dirty)
Foster Row (5300 SE Foster) this could easily be your one-stop shop. letters, ceramics, custom furniture, pottery, jewelry, and more. yeah, you should go here
Soft Tipper Darts (6360 SE Foster) get all your darting and billiarding needs here. also, arcade games
Meticon Bikes (5925 SE Foster) bikes, pike parts and accessories
S.M.A.R.T. Collective (6923 SE Foster) skate boards, skate accessories, apparel

Alright, hop to it if you must.

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5 Responses to Keep Your Money in the ‘Hood

  1. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the mention! In addition to a ton of Black Friday sales, like 25% off all board games, we are also participating in Little Boxes, a program that rewards you for shopping local. There are hundreds of prizes you could win, even a 4-night deluxe vacation to Hawai’i! Plus you get an additional 10% off for supporting a store that participates in Little Boxes, like Red Castle Games. Hope to see you there!

  2. grrlpup says:

    I’ve also picked up Stumptown coffee by the pound at Pieper; makes a nice host(ess) gift.

  3. ben says:

    What about S,M,A.R.T Collective. We have a wide variety of Skateboard needs, shoes, clothing, art, and gift cards. When you shop at S.M.A,R.T Collective you support kids in the FOPO neighborhood in skateboarding , music, and art.

  4. Jess says:

    Please, somebody make that Artistic Taxidermy slogan into a real t-shirt.


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