Herb Shop and Gnostic Mass: Foster’s Newcomers

The evolving landscape of Foster’s commercial corridor continues to impress. It is not impressive by means of exciting new businesses—though, that is sometimes the case—rather it is the new, wide array of activity that just might reflect the unique character of Foster itself: aspiring, alternative, gritty, creative, against the grain, and stubbornly moving forward…even if oddly so.IMG_4463

The obvious mainstays are there: places to eat and drink, do yoga, dance, and buy/play games. There are some exciting newcomers over the last year, too: a guitar shop, record store and skate shop, to name a few.

And thrown in with all of them are pot shops, space for sewing classes, a strip club, an in-progress-renovating theater, and a soon-to-be Latin-themed public market. Even more evidence of the diversity of commercial activity in the neighborhood. We take the good with the bad, the odd with the sought after.IMG_4464

Now we have two more newcomers to add: People’s Herbs and Sekhet-Maat Lodge.

People’s Herbs recently moved into the former Russian Elegant Food warehouse at SE 69th and Foster. Among other things, they offer herbal products, acupuncture supplies, and teas and therapeutic foods. At this point, they are too small to run an active retail space, so all orders are to be placed online…though, pickups can be made at the warehouse.IMG_4465

A litte down the road, and a bit more inconspicuous, is the Sekhet-Maat Lodge, Foster’s soon-to-be chapter of the Ordo Templi Orientis. If you’re into magic, Gnostic mass, public rituals and secret orders, this is your place. Find them in the former Vice sex shop at 7950 SE Foster.

Growth comes in all shapes and sizes, I suppose.

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One Response to Herb Shop and Gnostic Mass: Foster’s Newcomers

  1. Matthew Ward says:

    Welcome to neighborhood Sekhet-Maat Lodge! 93/93/93


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