Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, this time next week we’ll be knee deep in tales of Walmart and Target stampedes. Which also means you’ll be nursing T(of)urkey hangovers and awaiting the next round of holidays. In the meantime, this weekend will be decidedly warmer than last, but wetter. Enjoy…and find something below to get into.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– With Black Friday around the corner don’t forget to think locally before you set out on your shopping excursions. Foster may not seem like much, but we do have a few places where you can simplify your holiday shopping. We’ll compile a list for you after the weekend.

–  We don’t know if you guys watch the Friday videos (we don’t blame you if you don’t), but if you do, notice the scenes from Foster above. Hint: Slingshot and the criminally underused, large pink building across the street from it.

Movies are a thing of the past at The Bobwhite. Again. But this time there’s intent to bring ’em back. We’ll look forward to upcoming renovations and another go-around down the road.

– New study says “Abstaining From Alcohol Significantly Shortens Life.” We knew we were on to something. So how does this play into the equation when city planners consider livability on Foster? Sure, from a design, architectural, and economic stance, there’s room for improvement. But according to this study, Foster and all its bars are keeping us young…or old for longer.

– Live music for the weekend:
Gemini Lounge- Finn Doxie, Friday
Torta- Castletown, Friday; The Heartford Defiant, Saturday
O’Malley’s- The Lovesores, Rat Party and The Ransom, Saturday
Starday- Joy Tribe, Friday; Whiskey or the Concrete and Bass Mints, Saturday

Enjoy, all. Be cool, be safe.

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