So Long Cinema

Curse you, expensive movie rights and costly renovations. If only a movie theater could be run on minimal attendance and high overhead. But no. We now say goodbye to movies in the neighborhood…at least for now.

Here’s a message from management:

“Hey All! I’d like to thank the city of Portland and the Foster Powell community for you’re support. We’ve had our ups and downs and as we begin the final phases of the purchase a few things have come to our attention,

“Movies, We wanted to give the community the movie theatre they have been asking for since 2012, and at this point, it seems the community is just not ready for this, attendance for movies has been poor, and as it gets colder so does our theatre,

“At this time until the community is more ready to show support, more money can be spent on marketing, and our pending restoration, it has been concluded that its in the best interest of the business to hold off on showing movies at this time,

“We will be picking back up where we left off in the spring, and we will continue to bring you Concerts, Wrestling, The Genetic Opera, and Free Community Events.

“We thank those who came and enjoyed the films in October and November, and we thank you for you’re understanding of the matter. Good things for both the Bob White, and Foster Powell are right around the corner, stay tuned and stay warm!

“Nick Haas & The Bob White Crew.”

Noooooo. Noooooooooo. We were so close. But alas, movies need people. And there were none. For the record, Wayne’s World was awesome, Shogun Assassin was pretty rad, and Big Trouble In Little China was amazing. Sorry you all missed it.

But, the good news: the space lives on. Entertainment will happen, just not from a projector. And someday, too, when renovation happens and the fancy seats come, movies may return.

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6 Responses to So Long Cinema

  1. 62ndgarden says:

    so sad to hear this. Thanks for keeping us in the know and championing the cause. I wish I had had more time for movies so I could help out. Nick has such positive energy and I really want him to succeed. 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    Ouch. That’s too bad but the reality of business it seems. I’m culpable as I didn’t make it to any films.

    What if the Bobwhite does a crowdsource kind of thing where people buy movie tickets in advance to give financial support. Then management can schedule x number of movies based on proceeds already received?

  3. Alex says:

    Aaron – They have a fund raiser going at – you can get certain numbers of shows at different levels of donations. Unfortunately it’s still only at 1% funded!

  4. Greg Hamilton says:

    Hopefully, they will resolve the issue regarding the advertisement of their films on the marquee. I only knew about the movies because of their occasional Facebook update. They never used their main marquee to advertise upcoming shows, so the rest of the public on Foster wouldn’t have a clue unless they looked it up on the internet. Gotta make use of the marquee!

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