Christmas Wish List

Hey, if wreaths, Bing Crosby, and wrapping paper can be shoved down our throat, we should be able to make an early Christmas wish list. And it’s not ours, anyway—it’s yours.

Based on the poll we put out last week in regards to preferred new businesses on Foster, you all shared the following desires:

More food (34%). We didn’t get any more specific than this, but we presume you mean “more food that isn’t burgers and tacos.” While those are good, too, it seems the consensus is that more food options is a priority.

Grocery store (31%). Technically this wasn’t an option, but you voted for it anyway. Yeah, we put it in the poll, but it was with the caveat that it’s a long shot. Maybe not, though. The demand is clearly there and Fred Meyer is depressing and gross. So maybe, just maybe. On a positive note, there have been rumors Green Zebra has scouted Foster, and we have the Portland Mercado (which will also satisfy some of the food need) coming to join the likes of Paldo Market and Portland Fruit Company.

More retail (30%). This one only lagged behind “more food” and a “grocery store” by a few votes. I think we all want Foster to be walkable. The Streetscape Plan will go a long way to that end, but having places to walk to will be nice. We have bars, some food options, a game store, a movie theater, and a shitload of tire shops and dispensaries…but that doesn’t complete the commercial corridor. Again, we didn’t get specific, but it was suggested that a clothing store, bakery and/or specialty food market would be nice. As an aside, let’s not forget that we have a couple newcomers to the retail landscape: Renaissance Guitars and Green Noise Records.

More entertainment (3%). This was a distant fourth, and it really wasn’t close. With bars and music venues, strip clubs, a theater, and Performance Works NW, we’ve sorta cornered the market in nightlife.

IMG_1332Office space (1%). Props to the one person with the conviction to choose office space over the other options. The more people who work and do business on Foster, the better. And while office space would be welcomed, for those currently in the market, don’t forget that we have Shared Space sandwiched between Tango Berratin and the butcher shop on Holgate, as well as the soon-to-be-renovated Wikman Building that will be leasing out office space, too.

I’m sure we’ll add to our Christmas list soon, but I’ll just throw it out there that the Foster Streetscape Plan can’t come soon enough. Hopefully PBOT gets on that…or at least gives us some better nighttime lighting and crossings while we wait.

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4 Responses to Christmas Wish List

  1. R G Zielsdorf says:

    Since when id F M “depressing & gross”???

  2. Tony Lynott says:

    Long live the music of Bing Crosby………..

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