Fosterdam Takes Shape

IMG_1329Oh, joy. Another dispensary on Foster. We need this just like we need another auto shop or vacant storefront.

After hearing rumors for a couple months, it now appears certain that Smokey’s will indeed become a pot shop. As if Foster hasn’t made enough attempts at fully over-saturating itself with dispensaries (they’ve been opening and closing, seemingly, en masse for the last year and a half), we’ll make another go at it. This time, one of west Foster’s remaining dive bars will serve as collateral damage.

RIP Smokey’s.

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15 Responses to Fosterdam Takes Shape

  1. MattSE60th says:

    At least they won’t have to change the name. : )

  2. 62ndgarden says:

    I’m on a mailing list and whenever anyone applies for a liquor license, I get a notice and an opportunity to provide comments. Why is there no such process for OMMPs?

  3. 62ndgarden says:

    I know you don’t have the answer. Just thinking aloud.

  4. John says:

    Still much better than another strip club or porn shop!

  5. Iamelbe says:

    So a vacant storefront is better for our neighborhood then a safe access for people’s medicine. Also creating jobs in our neighborhood. Also those employees will probably buy food in your restaurants, items from your stores, and contribute to other money flowing into other businesses. Sure sounds scary.

    • Never said scary. Never said vacant storefront is better. And I doubt another dispensary is a beacon of job growth.
      And for the record, I’m not opposed to dispensaries…we’re commenting on the number of them that have popped up in our neighborhood, most of which have not offered the local contribution you suggest. Oh, and we already miss Smokey’s.

  6. Alex says:

    Iamelbe, what about the connotation it instills in the neighborhood – porn, booze, weed. If your passing through this stretch, you can’t help but summarize these few blocks as the red light district of portland – this kind of business anchors that claim a bit more firmly. The point I am getting at is: how many businesses does this keep away due to the ever increasing porn, booze, weed? Or should we just let go and embrace this red light district thing?

    Also, I guess I feel like this kind of business sort of supports/justifies Seductions and Pussycats being there – yes, I’m going to say it – which have obvious sex-trafficking going on, and underage none the less – look it up on KATU – and we see its evidence almost everyday.

    For the record I have nothing against marijuana, I fully support its legalization.

    • Mike "bananas" Foster says:

      You must because you’re on your HIGH horse.

    • Nick says:

      Just throwing out ideas… Maybe we *should* embrace the red light district? Lets cut out the illegal activities and make it a safe place for adults. Frankly, Devil’s Point is the highest profile business on Foster, period.

      Is it possible for 53rd are to be the red light district and 63rd to be the family friendly main street?

      • Not a terrible idea. There’s a certain aura there that makes this corner unique: lights, fire, nightlife, and an almost tame seediness.

      • Alex says:

        Devil’s Point is great, no problems there. Pussycats & Seductions however, different story. From a neighbor who walked in to see what pussycats was: Lady working there says “Private room, you get naked, I get naked, we have some fun – $50” Is that legal? Seductions is the same thing, except its $100 for a room (they list “rub downs” on their website). Did you know pussycats is a tax free organization since it operates as a Church? It goes under the name “XXX Church”. This is from a few years ago:–unregulated-Inside-the-lingerie-modeling-industry-140681223.html

        How pussycats is still in operation baffles me.

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