Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Well, this is a decidedly wetter start to the weekend than we’ve had in a long time. No sweat, though, as the clouds will part Saturday and Sunday before the rain comes back in force next week. Find a way to squeeze in some fun on Foster, whether happy hour, brunch, live music, or buying some board games, guitars, and/or records. (Yes, you can do all of that on Foster.)

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Kudos to ‘Midpoint Food and Drink’ and the Foster Area Business Association (FABA) for hosting a business mixer last night. It was a good step in bringing the business community together, showing off some of the new FABA energy, and introducing some local-themed cocktails (the Foster Frappe was delightful). Oh, and they showed off some of that new energy to a couple key city staffers, most notably Commissioner Novick.

FoPo Tavern has officially opened. Not only does it have to shed the Dusty’s persona, it’ll have to overcome the inaccurate and somewhat cliched moniker. If anybody’s been yet, let us know how it is.

Dog Bow Ties

This guy. A new dog bow tie could be yours.

– This might be the first time you’ve been asked this (it’d be weird if it isn’t), but is anybody in the market for dog bow ties? If so, Pieper Cafe is your place. Well, in front of Pieper Cafe will be your place. Josh returns Saturday, from 9 am to noon, for some serious, four-legged craft-making.

– Nayar Taqueria’s temporary Sunday closure has been lifted. They’re back to regular, week-long hours.

– If you’re feeling charitable, have some extra money to donate, or just want to promote a good cause, the Bob White Theatre Restoration Fund is in need of some cash. And your local theatre/music venue is in need of some loving. Contribute to the cause: here.

– Live music and happenings:
Torta- Overwinter, Friday; Jonathan Pierce, Saturday
Starday- Ron Stephens and Freakflag, Friday; The Golden Country, Saturday
Gemini- Amber Harlan Granmo Jazz Trio, Saturday
Bar Carlo- The Session, Saturday; Get Hammered For A Good Cause-Green Lents, Sunday
NWIPA- Killer IPA Fest, Sunday

Have a good weekend, all. Be cool.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Argentine Tango tonight at Tango Berretin (6305 SE Foster). Beginning lesson from 8-9pm, dancing until 2am. Check out the lesson, stay for the dance, or just stop by for a few to say hi. Would love to meet others in the neighborhood.


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