New Business Update

Foster’s newest not-new-bar is now open.







And Green Noise Records has a sign and steadily-being-renovated building to go along with its recent opening.
Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 7.05.57 AM






And Foster continues its growth spurt–good, bad, or otherwise.

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7 Responses to New Business Update

  1. Alex says:

    Not to be forgotten, the “new” Smokey’s, now a marijuana dispensary operating under the same name.

  2. sergeim105 says:

    For real? I didn’t realize. Good name I guess for it though.

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  4. Elaine Wiliams says:

    I had a friend who went into the old “Dusty’s”, now FoPo Tavern. They said there was hardly any liquor or beers available. They also said the menu has been cut back to about 5 menu items, no Wi-Fi and doesn’t open til 4pm during the week. How are they expected to succeed when they are offering so much less? One thing that seems to be the consensus, the new name is ridiculous. Taverns indicate beer and wine only. If they looking to upscale things, they have already failed miserably.


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