Thieves Got You Down?

Well, as it turns out, FoPoArleta isn’t the only place being scoured by petty thieves. While it seems like we’re some cesspool of grimey, miscreant, bike thieves and UPS package collectors—rest assured—we’re not.Bike Thief

Or at least we’re not alone in that summation. (I suppose there’s comfort in that, right?)

Apparently bikes and UPS packages are being stolen in nice neighborhoods, too. Or so says a recent Oregonian article. While my gut always said this was just a city problem—much like car prowls and hipsters—I couldn’t help but wonder if Foster had some magical, magnetic draw for those all-too-willing to relieve you of your bikes and other backyard-personal items while you slept or went to work. Alas, it’s not in the water; we’re preyed upon just the same as in other neighborhoods (though, that doesn’t lessen the impact this has on peoples’ lives).

All joking aside, the linked article above shows how neighbors are coming together to combat issues like this. Also, the article makes mention of the social media website, Next Door, and its use in addressing neighborhood livability issues. The site connects neighbors to various resources, event listings, and other news in the ‘hood…both good and bad. Check it out…Foster-Powell has its own page (as does Mt. Scott-Arleta and others):

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2 Responses to Thieves Got You Down?

  1. We had some super sketchy methhead looking guys try to sell us some board games today. Needless to say we sent them on their way. If somehow everyone would just stop purchasing what seems to be pretty obviously stolen merchandise, it would help the problem a lot. We are trying to do our little part.

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