Bikes, Tacos, Guitars, Records, and…Chocolate?

IMG_4326Meticon Bikes has long held down the commercial strip between SE 59th and 60th, even when it was a lonely part of Foster, joined only by a rarely used and dusty antique shop and mostly closed Salvadoran restaurant.

Times have changed, though, and Foster appears more accommodating—or just more appealing—to new businesses. And this little commercial strip may just be a microcosm of the funkiness that may be Foster’s burgeoning small business environment. First it was Nayar that helped anchor the block with Meticon, bringing consistent business, serving up good food, and making an effort to pretty up their space. And they did.

IMG_4328Renaissance Guitars joined the party shortly thereafter, and they, too, have made the space look less ramshackle than it did just a year and a half ago.

Now Green Noise Records is set to open, essentially bookending the commercial strip with Meticon—Nayar and Renaissance filling out in the middle. And what once could have been condemned by the city, is now a remodeled building with new windows, doorway, and slightly (a lot) less lean and decay.

And word is, it might not be just records they’ll be slingin’ inside; the backspace of the building could (may?) become a chocolate shop. That’s still just rumor, though.


The transformation remains intact, chocolate shop or not. And so far there are no fancy frappacinos or high-priced condos. So that’s good.

Oh, for you Green Noise fans…they’re scheduled to move in this Wednesday. Not sure if they’ll be open that day, but it should be soon.

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2 Responses to Bikes, Tacos, Guitars, Records, and…Chocolate?

  1. Arthur says:

    Another thing about Nayar is that they’re incredibly friendly folks. It’s great when the people running a business are genuinely happy to see you. I’ve also had several good experiences with Meticon, especially considering I’m bike-ignorant. They’re quite patient dealing with my lack of vocabulary: “Bike! It no go!”

  2. You’re right, Arthur…great folks.

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