Dusty’s To Become FoPo Tavern

Screen shot 2014-09-22 at 5.52.08 PMIn the last few years, we’ve seen Knuckleheads transform into Bar Maven, Bob and Alice’s become Starday Tavern, and Gemini Lounge make Lizards Bar and Grill a distant memory.

Add Dusty’s to the list of once-was-bars now newly-named.

In its place? Enter FoPo Tavern, Foster’s newest-to-be-but-not-really-new bar. (Well, once a recent liquor license application gets approved marking a change in ownership.)

Never mind that it could just as easily be the Arleta Tavern or Creston Tavern, which would actually be more appropriate. We’ll just roll with it, though, and assume the moniker has transcended; it knows no bounds.

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6 Responses to Dusty’s To Become FoPo Tavern

  1. KT says:

    Do you know what happened to Smokey’s?

  2. I know they painted and replaced the siding last year. Are there more changes happening?

  3. Tim Hurst says:

    I heard Smokey’s is to become a dispensary.

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