Updates on Red Castle Plaza and Green Noise Records

Life after the awning.

Life after the awning.

Two of our commercial plazas are getting serious facelifts. Last week we saw the imposing, 70’s era, green awning come down from the Red Castle Plaza, and the improvement is already noticeable. The western portion of the building, built in 1932 and now housing Red Castle Games, is already showing off its old brick facade and second-level row of windows. The eastern stretch, built in 1936 and currently home to Portlandia Foods, the future Cafe Red, and former Karate studio, shows similar potential but with painted out windows and sans brick.

Before and After, West

Before and after the awning era.

Natalie Caulkins—project manager for Cafe Red and part-driving force behind the renovation—along with Red Castle Games owner, Matthew Micetik, will be meeting with the building owner and architect this week to discuss final renovation plans and how to fully restore the building. If the initial deconstruction is any indication, this building could join several others in the immediate area that provide an historic vibe to our commercial core.

Down the street a little, another commercial plaza is seeing a rebirth. What was once Meticon Bikes, a dusty antique shop, a dying Salvadoran restaurant and mostly dilapidated storefronts has quickly become a spiffed up version of itself. Only now, the neighborhood bike shop is surrounded by a rad little taqueria, Renaissance Guitars and now, we can finally say, Green Noise Records.

IMG_1229What was once rumored to be a chocolate shop, then chocolate shop/cafe/pizza counter, then who knows what’s behind the black plastic covering the window, is now set to become your neighborhood music store. Green Noise will be moving into the space at 5857 SE Foster by the end of the month.

Rejoice, all!

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4 Responses to Updates on Red Castle Plaza and Green Noise Records

  1. veener says:

    I have heard Smokey’s is changing hands and being remodeled as well.

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