Foster Finds Fame in the Buff

Foster gets accolades for many things. For example, its wide, Parisian sidewalks are well documented. And we boast of one of the best burger joints in all of Portland, too. Foster-Powell also continues to be one of the hottest real estate ‘hoods in the metro region. And the local night/bar scene could rival most in the city.

Never mind that we also score high marks for our abundance of auto-related businesses (read: chop shops) and convenience stores, for we now get another thing to brag about: one of America’s 21 best strip clubs (according to Thrillist).

Devil's Point in SnowYep. And it’s not Seductions or Pussy Cats. Or Sassy’s or Shimmers, for that matter. (Not sure why I know all those. But I guess it also points to something else we have in abundance.)

So if you’re not hip to the Foster strip club scene, that leaves one more for national recognition: Devil’s Point, our very own rockabilly/’suicide girl’/den of mischief/strip club.

Yeah, that Devil’s Point. The one where Quentin Tarantino and Jax Teller may run into each other. Or some hip kid, Tom Waits, and the creep from up the street. It’s all the same, but there’s definitely a vibe, and Thrillist noticed. And with it comes another claim to fame for Foster.

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