Happy Weekend, Foster People!

It’s been nice knowing you, August. We’ll squeeze what we can out of you over the next couple days. Hopefully all you Foster people out there make the most of it. By the way, is it me or is there a ton of energy on Foster right now that screams, “We’re a rad little neighborhood and getting radder.”?

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– There was a lot of excitement and disappointment when an upcoming movie schedule at The Bobwhite was released. The excitement was for obvious reasons, while some were disappointed with the pricing. What seemed like a steep asking price for $7.50 movies soon became a talking point between new owner, Nick Haas, and many of you in the community. In the end, the discussion led to the lowering of ticket prices, with added discounts for kids and earlier shows. That receptiveness to the community was unseen in previous ownership/management, so let’s be encouraged. Oh, and support The Bobwhite when you can. It has the potential to be a huge asset to the community.

– Foster Row gets a nod in Neighborhood Notes’ most recent rundown of new Portland businesses. Peep it here.

– Our drinking options on Foster seem endless, and I know most of you don’t need any hints on where to go for a drink. Just a quick little reminder, then, that the Pod Bar at the food carts has $2.50 pints on Thursdays. And they don’t serve shitty beer, so that’s a good deal.

– For all the planning wonks and community-involved out there, check out Foster United’s rundown and quick tutorial on how to make use of the city’s Comprehensive Plan Map App as Portland planners seek to finalize/update its guiding map for growth and development over the next 20 years. Kudos to “FU” for keeping track of all the nuts and bolts of city planning and policy that impact our neighborhood.

– Bar Carlo is getting into the local music scene, evidenced by their Sweet Reggae Sundays. But they’re going further than that, as they have plans for regular live jazz on Wednesdays (starting Sept. 10), as well as hopes to get some hip-hop spinning on Saturdays (any DJs out there interested?).

– The fourth and final workday for the Foster-Powell Tree Inventory is next Saturday, 9/7, from 8:30 am – noon. Volunteers will meet at Carts on Foster, which means you can fill up on something from the Egg Carton, and then finish with a beer and whatever else you may fancy.

– Weekend happenings:
Starday Tavern- Joshua James and the Runaway Trains bring their pop and rock & roll Friday night; The Bakersfield Rejects play honky tonk Saturday night
Torta- Elliot Ross, Friday; Castletown, Saturday
Bar Carlo- Sweet Reggae Sundays, 5 – 10 pm: DJ Margo on the ones and twos

Have a good weekend, all.

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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster People!

  1. Miles says:

    I guess Bar Carlo wants to go up against Starday’s regular wed night shows? Seems like they should pick a different night… maybe the two appeal to completely different crowds (obviously there is some overlap though), but I would think that maybe a tuesday or thursday would be a better choice for them. I wonder who it is that is booking this thing? I’d like to chat with them. This kind of thing is a big issue in the Portland music scene, everyone in their own silos rather than working together.

  2. That crossed my mind, too, Miles. In addition, O’Malley’s has live jazz every first and third Monday. Not all of them can succeed…at least not yet. More collaboration seems to be the key so neighboring businesses can thrive together. Thanks for bringing this issue up…perhaps bringing it to the attention of Bar Carlo could be beneficial, too.

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