Here’s Your Movie Calendar for The Bobwhite

You asked and pleaded. You waited and eventually gave up. But then…

It happened–movies are coming to The Bobwhite. And they’re way more recognizable and less dated than one would expect.

IMG_4182Nobody had any illusions of seeing box office hits on Foster. Or at least any from this decade (or even last). Not any time soon, at least. All we really cared about was not having to drive up to the Laurelhurst or Academy to enjoy a movie with our beer, popcorn and/or pizza. (We don’t know what concessions will look like, but expect it.)

Well, it’s happening.

Here’s the rundown:
– Tuesday and Thursday movies, with 4, 6, 8, and 10 pm showings
– If ratings allow, 4 and 6 pm showings will be kid-friendly
– Sunday double features for the family
– 21+ for 8 and 10 pm movies
– $7.50 for adults, $5.00 for 14 and under, $10 for double features

October Bobwhite

Edited with updated pricing

I know what you’re all thinking: “$7.50? That’s way more than the Academy.”

Well, it’s a little more than $3.00 to be exact. But wouldn’t you gladly pay an extra $3.50 for Foster to have an operational movie theater? Sure you would. And you will. Especially if it means you get to see Big Trouble in Little China. That’s right, Big Trouble in Little China, as in Kurt Russell will be gracing our muthaf*#&in’ big screen.

Fun starts in October, just after Nick Haas throws a party for the community and to commemorate The Bobwhite’s 90th birthday.

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28 Responses to Here’s Your Movie Calendar for The Bobwhite

  1. Aaron says:

    Hoorah, but not for the ticket price… Maybe they can bring it down as profits start to materialize (offsetting with beer/pizza prices)?

  2. Aaron says:

    Also run a spell-check on that calendar! Sheesh.

  3. Spiffy says:

    Academy, Laurelhurst, and McMenamins are all $4… so I’d pay $5 to not have to go the extra few miles out of my way… but I won’t be paying $7.50 on a regular basis… it’s $9.75 to go to a Cinema 16 Eastport Plaza movie…

  4. 62ndgarden says:

    Can’t wait! Totally worth it to me 🙂

  5. Nick Haas says:

    Hey all! Nick Haas here, Aaron, yes my fault on the typo O’s, for some reason I didn’t catch it before sending It out.

    As for the price folks, Yes I understand it may be steep, and yes it will go down, maybe a lot sooner than you all might think, it’s really hard to gauge a good price given the cost of rights permits and not knowing if this will be a great turn out or not, Its even harder to gauge a price off other theatres around town given they’ve been up and running drawing an attendance.

    The Bob White hasn’t been open to the public for movies in 30 years this summer! think about that, We took a slight shot in the dark at $7.50, and if the community feels its too steep than we’ll gladly drop the number down. But each film runs 175 to 300 dollars to purchase showing rights, and like most of us money’s tight right now even more so with the current purchase on the table, I’m not looking to make a bunch of money on this, I’m just looking to give the Foster Powell community what they want and at least break even on the cost. The cost to get the ball rolling is steep, but we hope once its rolling we will all find our selves in a good spot. Not to mention we still have work to do, We want to see the theatre come back to its former glory, but we need your support to make that happen.

    If October is a success, then we’ll drop the price and add more movie nights. and please feel free to let us know if there’s anything we could do to make The Bob White a better place for every one, We want a community first event hub for south east Portland, and for you to have a great time. thats all.

    Nick Haas,

    • Angi says:

      Hi Nick,
      I am very excited for this news! I admit, I was shocked about the $7.50 price of admission, but I appreciate your comment & it put some things into scope. I think $5-$6 is a good aim, assuming these nights prove fruitful. If you need any advice or help in any way, I would love to offer input or volunteer my time in some way. Even proofreading, har har. I bought a home down the street, five years ago, so I have some insight to the areas needs/wants…and have over 15+ years working in both theaters & video stores around Portland. While I no longer work with movies, I am still an avid theater goer. Either way, I will see you in October for some shows! Thanks for making this happen. -Angi

  6. Meghan Kelley says:

    This is great. I hope it is successful. I would love if you would consider a regular Mommy Matinee in the future.

  7. Lee says:

    Dear fosterpowellpdx:

    Your comment “I know the price may be steep, but on some level we’ll have to all chip in to make this thing successful.” Is turning my stomach that is chapter and verse from the Marxism playbook (From each according to his ability, to each according to his need)

  8. Nick Haas says:

    Hello again all, after much talk around Foster we have Dropped the price to $4.00, early bird, $6.00 main shows, $7.00 double feature, if it goes well and the over head gets offset by concessions/ alcohol sales than November’s Movie prices will drop a bit more. I want this to work so The Bobwhite will be here for another 90 years creating good memory’s like it did in its hay day.

    • Angi says:

      This is such great news for an already exciting project! I know it’s a tough call…needing enough money to make it work, but with that initial price of $7.50, it would likely prove hard to get it off the ground. I think $6 is a GREAT compromise. You can count on my support. Best of luck.

  9. Mace says:

    Please play Black Orpheus over and over again. I suggested a ton of great foreign movies at the open house, I’m open to help this become a reality.

  10. Aaron says:

    The new price sounds like a good start to me. I’d also encourage you to think about adding some classic films, even silent films from the Bobwhite’s original heyday? (Get some live soundtracks going for those!) Maybe those early films are cheaper to run? No idea. Some may be copyright-free at this point. People could even dress up in vintage for the occasion, make a night of it…

    • Anti-m says:

      Nick — Aaron has the right idea — I think you will likely get good draw with classics, and (watchable!) art flicks. (If you want links to item #3, I can link up some local superstars.)

      The live scored movies are always a hit. Definitely check these guys out:
      (These guys do live scores to movies, like Japanese megafauna flicks. And they are amazing.)

      About the typos — grammar is important when it comes to PR. For better or for worse, people will judge you and your enterprise based in part on how you communicate with the community. The initial version of the calendar was probably in the realm of off-puttingly grammatically-challenged.

      I’d suggest teaming up with a proofreader to give these things (calendars, websites, blog posts) a once over before they “go live.” Portland is lousy with grammarians, and I suspect you could find someone to help on this front pro bono, or at least for free movies and beer.

      Good luck, you’ve got a big project in front of you — we’d all like to see the Bob White succeed!

  11. Anti-m says:

    Oh, I missed Mace’s comment there. Seconding good foreign movies also!

  12. Anti-m says:

    Oh, and it looks like Angi is volunteering proofreading help already! 🙂 Take her up on that offer!

  13. veener says:

    Sounds awesome, I’ll definitely be there 🙂

  14. Nick Haas says:

    Yes I will be the first to admit My spelling terrible, Yes to all of the above, we have a great list of movies to choose from with our license, even some dating back to the early 20’s, I will be setting up a movie requests email for the theatre as well as a public list of what we have access to at this time for movie titles. I would love to bring in more independent films and foreign films, Right now I am the sole person here at the theatre running things, from moping to booking to accounting, so its a bit tricky to get as much as I’d like to done. If any one from the community would like to get involved please feel free to reach out to me. Come October I will be looking to hire a Box Office attendant, Concessions staff, Tec/ projector operator, and janitorial. I’ll also be bringing in a professional booking agent for music, a Web guru, AND a proof reader,,,

    If any one would like to reach me directly with any questions, comments, concerns, or snide remarks, you can reach me every day from 9 to 9 at 971 888 0596

    Its all for the love of Foster!

  15. maprep says:

    Midnight Rocky Horror Picture Show? Eraserhead?

  16. Linn Harper says:

    Happy about being able to walk to a movie, but I would have to leave the family home at your price.

  17. Nick Haas says:

    Kids 12 and under will get free entry with an adult,

  18. Nick Haas says:

    Also we now have our Movie Request / info email set up, please feel free to write us and tell us what you’d like to see at The Bob White or What we could be doing better for the community,

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