Commercial Space Galore

In case you were wondering what $299,000 could get you on Foster, here’s a look:
Car lot

We’ll first take the ‘addition by subtraction’ philosophy here. If you buy it, simply getting rid of the used car dealership would be worth the money. You know, if you had money to burn, that is.

But if you do buy it, we’ll take the ‘addition by addition’ philosophy, too. That’s because we’re greedy. We want to see a brew pub there. Or a parklet. Even affordable housing. Or, gasp, a small grocery store. Or something to compliment the Portland Mercado across the street. Anything, really.

Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 8.12.30 AMIf you can’t buy, though, there’s space for rent a few blocks west. And you’d be able to call the Portland Ketchup Company, Cafe Red and Red Castle Games neighbors. (You’d be able to call Plaid Pantry and the Gold/Silver exchange neighbors, too, but we’ll ignore that for now.) Consider the options for a minute. All in close proximity, you have a fairly vibrant nighttime bar scene, a coffee shop, a poppin’ brunch spot, game store, burgeoning theater, other music venues and restaurants, a park, shared office space, and a fancy shmancy bottle shop. That alone is almost worth the $1300/month the landlord’s asking. On top of that, you get 1100 square feet to do something wonderful on Foster. Clothing and antique shop? Produce market? Arts and crafts store?

So who’s looking to start their own business?

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5 Responses to Commercial Space Galore

  1. Spiffy says:

    I hadn’t even noticed that Grandma’s Funky Furniture was gone… although sadly it seemed less funky over there recently…

    • Ah, Grandma’s Funky Furniture. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing some form of that again on Foster. But yes, sadly, a car dealership is in its place…though, maybe (hopefully) not much longer.

  2. Hi Neighbors,

    Lansing Linoleum Company is closing up after 66 years! We are doing a “garage sale” until the end of August. Our building is for sale through Don Hanna Realty. We have a hardwood floor company that has been sharing space with us for 3 years and they will be here until the building sells, so we won’t be empty. We are so sorry to be leaving Foster. We have been here our whole lives and love the neighborhood. Thanks so much for your good will over the years. We will miss you.

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