Happy Weekend, Foster People!

Anybody else sad that August is halfway over? Summer’s such an elusive thing, kinda like that squishy toy you had as a kid, you know, where you squeeze the water-filled, rubber tube and it inevitably squirms out of your hand. Just like summer, you try so hard to hold on tight, only to see it slip your grasp. At least Fall’s nice.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Props to the Kern Park Kickballers. These guys have no official neighborhood standing, yet they’ve managed to field a crew of folks that most accurately represents our neighborhood makeup. No offense National Night Out—we love you—but our neighborhood is not 95% white, middle-class, families of four. And if you’re interested in playing with these guys, they have their own Facebook page. Get in while the weather still allows.

Busy weekend at the food cart pod: chalk art contest, fundraiser, and book signing. (All separate events.)

– ‘Movies in the Park’ is this coming Wednesday, 8/20. This is the second time Essex Park will be host to the event, with ‘Goonies’ being this year’s draw. Live music and pre-movie entertainment starts at 6:30, with the movie starting as the sun goes down. More info here.

– When will we ever know the true identity of 7-11’s new neighbor. There’s plenty of intrigue, and the prevailing rumor is that it’ll be an Asian grocer with both a wholesale and retail operation. Still, just rumors.

– There’s another neighborhood tree inventory workday this Saturday. If you’re inclined to count trees, this event is for you. If you’d at all feel guilty about not helping the neighborhood increase its tree canopy, this event is for you. Or, if you have nothing else to do, your participation is welcomed. In all honesty, it sounds way worse/boring than it actually is. It’s pretty informative, and perfect for someone who has an interest in trees and/or wants to get an up close look at the neighborhood. Serious. I’ve done it AND enjoyed it.

– Lots going on at the Foster-Powell Community Garden. Follow along here: 62ndGarden.

– Weekend music and entertainment:
Bobwhite Theatre- The Oregon Donors present: Repo! The Genetic Opera, Friday at 10pm
Torta- Eric Vanderwall, Friday; Rogue Bluegrass Band, Saturday
Starday Tavern- Welfare State and David Stoops, Friday; Surf Rock with Wavesauce and Cookie’s Theramin, Saturday

Have a safe weekend, folks. 

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