Freddy’s Does Less With More

Fred Meyer Gas StationJust when we thought Fred Meyer couldn’t get any worse.

The cluster fuck that is part bottle return chaos, customer drop-off, tweaker hangout, traffic jam, and general cesspool of grime, is now set to be a gas station, too. Or at least that’s how it appears.

Not sure how this will work.

Kudos, Freddy’s, you’ve managed to add one more thing to your failed attempt at neighborhood grocer.

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8 Responses to Freddy’s Does Less With More

  1. Erin Cooley says:

    The gas station will be across 82nd, closer to Holgate.

  2. malexreed says:

    They are so lucky that Portland Fruit & Produce is across the street from them. If it weren’t, I would go to Safeway for my grocery needs every time. Between Freddy’s bad produce, super bad bike parking (worse than Safeway is saying something!), and its auto-centric gas discount incentives, it’s definitely not my favorite place.

  3. MeghanH says:

    Wut. Could this be the only self-serve (to non-truckers) gas pump in Oregon? Or are they paying someone to staff the ONE pump they have? Weird.

  4. Erin Cooley says:

    Why is my comment awaiting moderation? It has actual useful info in it, rather than just ragging on Fred Meyer.

    • Erin,
      Your comments need to be approved; sometimes that takes time. We appreciate the info, but we tend to think there’s plenty to rag on Fred Meyer for…especially the random placement of a gas pump near their entrance.

      • Erin Cooley says:

        There certainly is plenty. The gas pump is funny, especially taken out of context!


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