The Pirate Ship Has Sunk, The Bobwhite is For Sale, and More Vacancies. Welcome to Monday.

There’s nothing like starting your week with a thud, right?

– In the first blow to our collective souls, Creston-Kenilworth put a stop to our ever-growing conquest of Southeast kickballers. It was a crushing defeat, but the outnumbered Pirates almost eked out a comeback against a team that also consisted of players from Woodstock and Lents. But Salt and Straw. That happened after. And then the memory of loss faded.

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 10.19.31 AM– In other news, the Bobwhite Theatre is for sale. We don’t know what else this means, other than it’s for sale. And by sale, we don’t mean discount. The asking price? $825,000. It’s an odd move after Nick Storie handed over control of the theatre’s operation to Nick Haas a few months ago. And the fact that the current operation is actually hosting regular events and **not pissing off ** neighbors is a good thing. So why sell? More to come, I’m sure.

– And finally, just as the commercial plaza between 64th and 65th on Foster filled up (thanks to the Red Castle expansion into food and beverage), Defense Arts NW has packed up and left. While it’s good news for the martial arts studio, as they’ve grown too big for their former space (6420 SE Foster Road), it leaves yet another vacancy in the heart of Foster. The good news is that commercial space appears to be in high demand on Foster, and this just leaves the door open for some neighborhood-serving retail, perhaps. And speaking of retail space…on a related note, Cascade Organic will be at N.W.I.P.A. again on Thursday. Show them how much you want them to set up shop permanently in the ‘hood. Maybe mention any vacant storefronts you know of. Mwahahaha….

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6 Responses to The Pirate Ship Has Sunk, The Bobwhite is For Sale, and More Vacancies. Welcome to Monday.

  1. Ben says:

    Lansing’s Flooring on Foster is also going out of business. Any idea what might be moving into their building?

    • I don’t know. However, I know the owner has ties to this neighborhood that go back several decades, and she’s stated she hopes whoever buys it will benefit the neighborhood.

  2. Anti-m says:

    Bought in 2012 for 350K, selling in 2014 for 825K. LOLOLOLOL.

    I would understand this jump in cost if the owner actually put in the enormous upgrades needed to bring the place up to seismic code, but none of those upgrades have been made, no?

  3. fosterpowellpdx says:

    I know the upgrades have not been super extensive. And even if they have been made, I doubt it would justify the $575K markup. And I don’t think market conditions have changed that much in two years.

  4. Anti-m says:

    I think when they were selling in 2010ish, my husband casually inquired about the approximate cost of upgrades to bring the place up to code. ~1 mil was the estimate. It would take A LOT of upgrades to make this place a Laurelhurst or Bagdad. I don’t think even the Mcmenamins empire would be willing to sink 1.8 mil into the enterprise.


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