Foster Art Night Goes Big. Serious.

Foster Art Night has been a thing. Once it was a growing thing. Then a disappearing thing. Art came and went—mostly went—though, you could always rely on an excuse to go out and drink every (most) third Saturday of the month. There have been fits and starts, and more times than not only a handful of people made it out. Some of our local bars got into the spirit of it, and many have carried on the tradition even when it wasn’t so obvious Foster Art Night was still a thing.

FANfare-1I have a feeling it is reemerging. And for July at least, it is most definitely a thing.

Case in point: Richard Melloy’s exhibit, The Way I See It, and Performance Works NW’s FANfare party.

Melloy is a local (as in, from the neighborhood) artist whose work reaches beyond the nether regions of Foster. Simply put, he’s good; his work is interesting at the least, if not down right righteous. His new exhibit will open at N.W.I.P.A. this Saturday, from 6 – 9 pm. You can read more about Melloy here.

And then there’s renowned dancer, Linda Austin. Yeah, she’s a local, too. And she’s opening up her studio, Performance Works NW (SE 67th, just north of Foster), to all you Foster Art Night-goers. From 6:30 – 10 pm, be witness to improvised dance, music, and video, as well as an installation/performance in their Silver Streak trailer parked out back. From 10 – midnight, dance to the sounds of Acid Farm. Oh, and free beer and lemonade.

You better be at both of these. Simultaneously.

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2 Responses to Foster Art Night Goes Big. Serious.

  1. PWNW says:

    Yes, you can definitely do both as the event at PWNW as come and go as you please. See you Saturday!

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