Lansing Linoleum Bids Farewell

We do a lot of pimping of our local watering holes. We also give love to our coffee shops and taquerias. And our infatuation with Red Castle is well documented.  But it’s rare that we give praise for any of the other businesses dotting Foster. But, you know, that’s mostly because we don’t care about all the chop shops and apparent front businesses.

A couple stand out, though. And we figured we should acknowledge one in particular.  We mentioned in a piece not so long ago that Lansing Linoleum was closing shop and selling their building.  We mentioned it mostly because we’d love to see some commercial spaces get snatched up on Foster.  But we probably didn’t give Lansing Linoleum enough propers in that post.  The have, after all, been in the neighborhood for 66 years.

Sure, I know there are some guys hanging around Smokey’s and Foster Gardens that have been around for that long. But Lansing Linoleum has maintained a strong presence and family-run business for nearly seven decades.  That’s something.

So we thought we’d share a little farewell comment they just left:

“Dear Foster Neighbors,

“It is true that Lansing Linoleum Company is closing this summer after 66 years on Foster Road !
“The showroom will be open until July 25th for sales of stock materials and orders that are stocked in Portland or Seattle.
“We are not accepting any new installation orders, but we will be happy to refer you.
“We will keep showroom hours during August, and we invite you to come by and browse our stock liquidation sale or just say hello (or goodbye!).
“Our building is up for sale, but Performa Floors (they do wood floors),who have been sharing space with us in the building, are tentatively planning to take over the main showroom as a tenant beginning in September. The Lansing family would love to see a great neighborhood business buy our building. We have had a number of folks who have come to look, but no commitments as yet. We have lived our lives on Foster Road, and thank you all for your business and good will over the years.”

66 years!  Thanks for your service.

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