Fosterville Now Going to the Highest Bidder

Welcome to the new, hot commercial real estate market, where developers ditch the comfy confines of Division Street restaurants and hip-Alberta art galleries, opting instead  for Foster potential.

I mean, we do ooze potential, right?

IMG_1029* A couple points of clarification:
– Developers have not ditched Division Street
– Nor are they flocking to Foster
– We do have potential…ooze is a state of mind, though
– By ooze, we really mean “Ooo”
– There will indeed be flocking to Foster…sometime, someday

But for real…hot real estate.  Maybe it’ll happen.  And why not?  The western stretch of Foster’s getting sexy-fied; there’s a growing core of businesses; local pride; community energy.  The only thing that’s missing is violent crime and the subsequent city-subsidized razing of property and the semi-forced removal of large swaths of non-white populations—I guess the city’s learned its lesson there, though.

For now, however, our version of hot commercial real estate simply means there’s property for sale.  To be sure, developers are not buying said properties.  At least not yet.  You see, the chicken comes before the egg, you know, right before it crosses the street.  So, yeah, first thing’s first.  And that means property galore.  And for once, we’re not just talking about random properties being relinquished from the Buck’s Stove Palace Empire.  It’s as if someone got wind that Foster’s getting snazzed up, and there are some rad bars, a couple sweet coffee shops, a few restaurants, and a pretty impressive residential real estate market.

Screen shot 2014-07-02 at 8.42.27 PMNow maybe someone’s trying to cash in.

In our latest installment of what property’s for sale on Foster, we bring you the Color Tile property at 5100 SE Foster Road.  This one’s a little different from this, or this one, or even this.  Instead, it falls more in line with the recently listed Lansing Linoleum site, or the property behind Use It Again thrift store and Salon Mojo (which is being marketed as a higher-density, developable lot with height limits up to 45 feet).

The Color Tile space can be yours for $1,095,000 OBO.  Who’d a’ thunk?  If you have that kind of scratch, you’ll be neighbors with Diane’s, the Post Office, Speedboat Coffee, and you’ll have a great view of the former Busy Bee Cleaners.

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