Happy Weekend, Foster!

Welcome back to the weekend, where we’ll endure another couple days of wet, Spring-like weather.  Fear not, though…the sun and heat returns, with a push toward the 80’s by the beginning of the week.

Here are your weekend tidbits…

– Last week we shared some of the changes in store for Nayar Taqueria. Now we’re seeing those changes coming into shape. As of now, all the new windows have been installed and the replacement entryway is fully functional in its new location. Next up is bringing down the protective plywood and making a few finishing touches. Then, voila, a spiffed up space to go with your tacos and margaritas. Kudos to Eliseo and company for making Foster look that much snazzier.

– Speaking of business owners making Foster look snazzier…kudos go to Glenn at O’Malley’s, too. If you haven’t noticed, O’Malley’s has nearly doubled its window space over the last couple weeks. In an effort to restore the frontage space to its original shine, some of the wood-panelling facade has been removed, thus revealing the old window slats that were part of the original architecture (not sure why the previous owner covered them in the first place). Oh, and the side door on the west side of the space will become functional again. Sheesh…lots of good stuff.

– Oh, and one more business note: Renaissance Guitars has already celebrated their grand opening at 5923 SE Foster (sandwiched between Nayar and Meticon Bikes). According to their Facebook page, they’ll be specializing in “Vintage, interesting, and affordable stringed instruments, amps, accessories, repair, etc….”  I’d have to say, this little stretch of Foster—with a tienda, restaurant, boutique salon, and barbershop across the street, as well as Torta around the corner and Mojo Salon just down the block—is giving the “Heart of Foster” a run for its money. Maybe we should rethink that name a little, or at least its boundaries.

– If you haven’t signed up for the following Depave events in the neighborhood, you should. Wild Lilac will be tearing up their parking lot to make way for a community garden, and the long-anticipated Portland Mercado will be transforming their parking lot into a public plaza full of plants and other green features. The Wild Lilac depaving will be on July 12; the Portland Mercado will begin their transformation two weeks later, July 26.

– We’ve been a little inactive these days thanks to newly welcomed time for travel. For that, we ask you to share any other goings-on in the neighborhood you may know of (i.e. events, happenings, new businesses, random FoPo occurrences, etc).

– Here’s your weekend music lineup:
Torta– Green Carts, Friday; Sidestreet Reny, Saturday
Gemini– Finn Doxie, Saturday
Starday– TBD, but you know there’ll be something

Have a good weekend, all.

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3 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster!

  1. Lynne says:

    The heart of FoPo beats all the way over to 52nd…..

  2. MarkB says:

    According to Eliseo, we’re getting stone fired pizza place a couple doors up from Nayar later this year.

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