Happy Weekend, Foster!

Welcome back to the weekend; this one should be decidedly drier than the last. And good thing –there’s a lot going on. Hopefully you’ll find a way to enjoy one of the many happenings in the ‘hood.

– We’ve pimped the garden tour over and over. We’ll say no more. Just go. Saturday, from 10a-1p. Get all the information you need here: FoPo Gardens.

– If you hate plants but love trees, the first of four workdays for the Foter-Powell Neighborhood Tree Inventory is Saturday, as well. Chances are you don’t hate plants if you love trees, so you have the unfortunate dilemma of choosing between this and the garden tour. Hint: there will be three more tree inventory days over the summer; there will be 364 days until the next Garden Tour.

Foster Art Night is back. Check out its latest incarnation whilst doing the Foster boogie, enjoying some art, and taking in some libations. Oh, and then there’s the unveiling of the Foster Street Card (you’ll just have to see for yourself…stop by Salon Mojo to get in on that action).

– Get on some “I ❤ Foster-Powell” shirts.

– Also, if anybody has design skills and/or a screen press, these shirts could potentially be available (though, probably not from the Neighborhood Association):
“I ❤ Tweakers”
“Got Scrap”
“I Got My Bike Stolen in 97206”
– Any other ideas?

– Other happenings for the weekend:
Torta-landia– Mikael Pederson, Friday; Small Souls, Saturday
Gemini Lounge- Amber Harlan Granmo, Saturday
The Bobwhite TheatreRepo! The Genetic Opera, Friday
Starday Tavern– TBD


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2 Responses to Happy Weekend, Foster!

  1. 62ndgarden says:

    Your t-shirt ideas are hilarious. We thought we had good ideas for the community garden shirts but, sir, I bow to your tongue- in-cheekiness

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