What’s Happening at Nayar?

IMG_1229The hammering and drilling at Nayar Taqueria is not just for fun.  And the boarded up windows?  Not their idea of fun either—though, they’d get a high score for best mimicked version of a few other well known buildings on Foster.

The renovations you see are just that: renovations.  And thanks to PDC’s storefront improvement program, Nayar is getting a bit of facelift.  Snazzed up, if you will.

So what will we see when construction’s done?

First of all, more space.  With the entrance now positioned in the middle of the storefront, the doorway and supporting wall currently separate the taqueria into two spaces.  A new entrance is being constructed in the SE corner of the building, thus eliminating the need for the partition currently dividing the space in half.  That partition will then come down, and in its place will be windows.  And those windows will combine with newly installed glass making up the rest of the storefront.  In essence, by moving the entrance and replacing the old one with windows, the dining are will become more spacious and better integrated with Foster and the cafe seating outside.

Knowing Eliseo, other improvements are on tap, too.  He’s expecting the windows and new entrance to be completed within the next couple weeks.  Until then, Nayar will be open its regular hours.

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